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Little Greene

With records back to the year 1773 the Little Green Dye Works of Collyhurst Wood on the outskirts of Manchester is one of the ancient industrial sites in England for the making of paints and dye solutions. The early paints would have been based on natural resins and pigments, similar in many ways to those used by the great artists of old.

The Little Greene Paint Company now use many of the materials used in the past for the preparation of the very high quality paints they make today.

60 of the colours are English Heritage colours, a result of Little Greene, English Heritage and the eminent paint historian Patrick Baty coming together to create the most authentic palette of period colours available today. These colours range from the 1700s through to the 1950s and cover the key periods of interior design: Georgian, Regency, Victorian, 1930s and 1950s.

Every can purchased means a direct donation to the work of English Heritage and the maintenance and care of some of our great national treasures, from Stonehenge to historic houses and conservations areas.


Little Greene Oil Gloss LG/G1P

SizePrice (£)
Mixed Colour 1L 33.00

Little Greene Intelligent Eggshell LG/IE1H

SizePrice (£)
Mixed Colour 1L 31.00
Mixed Colour 2.5L 64.00
Mixed Colour 5L 106.00

Little Greene Intelligent Exterior Eggshell LG/IEE1H

SizePrice (£)
Mixed Colour 1L 34.00
Mixed Colour 2.5L 69.00

Little Greene Intelligent Gloss LG/IG1H

SizePrice (£)
Mixed Colour 1L 31.00

Little Greene Intelligent Matt LG/IM1H

SizePrice (£)
Mixed Colour 1L 25.00
Mixed Colour 2.5L 48.50
Mixed Colour 5L 86.00

Little Greene Intelligent Primer Undercoat LG/IPU1W

SizePrice (£)
Mixed Colour 1L 24.00
Mixed Colour 2.5L 44.00

Little Greene Lime Wash LG/LW5

SizePrice (£)
Ready Tinted 5L 51.00

Little Greene Absolute Matt LG/M1H

SizePrice (£)
Mixed Colour 250ml 6.75
Mixed Colour 1L 22.50
Mixed Colour 2.5L 45.00
Mixed Colour 5L 80.00

Little Greene Masonry Paint LG/MA5P

SizePrice (£)
Mixed Colour 5L 67.00

Little Greene Toms Oil Eggshell LG/TOE1P

SizePrice (£)
Mixed Colour 1L 35.00
Mixed Colour 2.5L 70.00